World Family Expo 2012

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The Atlanta Black Business Association works to assist companies on several fronts.  The organization is comprised of hundreds of members whose aspirations and goals are to empower their business though several avenues such as: wealth building, financial planning, protection planning, networking, investments, bartering, retirement & estate planning and also philanthropy as these businesses seek to achieve and maintain the American dream.

The Atlanta Black Business Association continues to foster and expand alliances among consumers and businesses.  This effort enhances economic opportunities within the state of Georgia and abroad.  Our network consists of corporations, small businesses, executives and consumers who are committed to leveling the playing field by creating links to financially progressive business opportunities while building mutual relationships of honesty, integrity and loyalty.  We seek to improve the quality of life and liberty for all.

The Atlanta Black Business Association understands the diverse economic landscape.  For minority business this network represents the ability to fortify resources by providing unique marketing ideas to increase revenue and exposure while exceeding today’s challenges and being prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.  We are continually working to secure business opportunities for our members




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